A Potted History

The Pudsey Allotments & Cottage Gardeners' Association was founded in 1922, however, who or what was the initial driving force behind this decision remains lost in the mists of time.

The Pudsey Borough Council was instrumental in creating allotments across the Borough and also in later decades with the development of the Borough Cottage Gardens Competition. In the formative years, the Society President was always a Councillor or Alderman. This carried on until 1950 and even then, for the next 43 years, the position was filled by an ex Councillor and an ex Mayor. Between 1927 & 1974 each show was opened by the serving Lord Mayor of Pudsey on all but one occasion, when it was opened by the Deputy Mayor.

During World War 2, The Society supported the 'Dig for Victory' campaign with its own group, called the 'Pudsey Plotters'. This encouraged allotment holders, gardeners & householders to utilise any ground (or plot) in which to grow vegetables. Even Pudsey Park was given over to grow vegetables.

After the war, the Society flourished, with the continued use of both allotments and cottage gardens to grow fruit & vegetables. However, with the consolidation of Pudsey into Leeds District Council in 1973/74, the close links the Society had with a ruling 'local council' (including running the allotments within the borough) were virtually finished. The Society forged ahead into, probably, its most successful decade. The new sales hut was in full swing, a Spring Show was introduced in 1974, the Home Produce classes were extended and new sections for Handicrafts and Photography were introduced.

In addition the Society was the catalyst and driving force behind Pudsey's entry into the Britain in Bloom competition, ultimately winning the trophy in the small towns category against opposition such as Otley & Ilkley. The Spring daffodil display on the Ring Road stems from ten sacks of bulbs originally planted by members of the Association's committee.


There have been many good stalwarts & servants of the Society over its 90 years and some of these you will see recorded in this shedule. To these, and all others who have helped in any way, large or small, we say a big "Thank You"


Home to the Association's shows has ranged from Robin Lane P.M. school in 1922 to our special selected 2012 venue, the Pudsey Leisure Centre, via the Wesleyan Sunday School, the Methodist Sunday School, the Congregational Sunday School, Greenside School, Pudsey Park, The Manor Hall, Mount Zion Methodist Sunday School, Grangefield School and our current usual venue of The United Reformed Church Schoolroom (our second return to this hall; the 1938 to 1940  and 1968 to 1974 shows being held there when it was the Congregational Sunday School (known to all as the 'Congs'). Our longest residences were at The Manor Hall for 22 years and at Mount Zion for 17 years.

The Show has been opened by Knights, Mayors, Members of Parliament, Councillors, Majors, Justices of the Peace, Ministers of the Cloth, Chemists, Parks Managers, Doctors, Estate Agents, Headmistresses, Headmasters, Parks Managers, Head Gardeners, and television personalities from the world of gardening and local notaries.


These 'POINTS FOR PUDSEY PLOTTERS' were printed on the back of the original 1922 Schedule.                           

  1. Join our Allotment Society; help your Committee and don't grouse.
  2. Teach your children to appreciate the value and dignity of labour; the use and the beauty of the garden.  
  3. Set them the best example in working methods; in speech and behaviour; and in love of your neighbour (not forgetting your wife).
  4. Instead of envying the successful man on the next plot, go out and equal his triumphs.
  5. At the Show enter as many classes as possible - PLAY THE GAME.
  6. And all the time "THANK GOD FOR A GARDEN".