Association Officials 2022





Frank Lodge


Vice-Chairman :



Hilary Marryat



Mandy Flatters


Show Secretary:

Ian Feber


Assistant Show Secretary:

Hilary Marryat


Membership Secretary:

Susan Wilson


Trading Secretary:

Lynda Aspin


Assistant Trading Secretary:

Chris Wilson, Frank Lodge


Publicity Officer :

Ian Feber


Assistant Publicity
Hilary Marryat


Trophy Secretary:

Chris Wilson


Grow to sell co-ordinator:

Lynda Aspin



Assistant grow to sell:

Chris Wilson, Frank Lodge, Alex Shipp


Pam Kennedy, Maureen Fawcett, Dave Carver, Alex Shipp, Peter Smith, Keith Hicks


Vice presidents and life members:

Posts are honorary for life, therefore election does not apply.


Vice Presidents: Dorothy Knapton, Alan Talbot, Arnold Walsh


Life members: Douglas Brennan, Dave Carver, Maureen Fawcett, Dorothy Knapton, Frank Lodge, Alan Shipman, Alan Talbot, Dorothy Thompson, Terry Wetherald, Arnold Walsh



To contact anyone on the Committee:


Please email, either specifying who you which to contact or outlining your query. Messages will be forwarded to individuals, or we will get back to you with the information you need.